In One Moment There Is A Passing Like A Dream

were you on fire with the want
and the guilt of the chase?
were you streaming from without
like an angel?
have you been here alone all night
with the quiet like a breeze
and the bleeding of the heart
of an angel?

oh how solemn are we in these magnificent dreams
and how silent are we in the lifetimes between
but that all there could be
in the blink of an eye
was a vision that was made manifest for one moment
and in one other moment had passed.

in one other moment
in eternity's span
are you streaming, yet on fire
are you only one man
in the sanctity of paper shell
while (underhanded) cheating hell?
is call-to-arms a way of life
or have you come to terms with this,
your chase?

i love you, do not question,
but know:
only one of us may see this paradise.

so it takes hold
like a silver plunging dagger
"hallelujah", says the master
and we all respond in chorus
bright, and chanting ever faster
until all that there appears to be
is hum and screech
but in the scream the words are heard
and that is all there needs to be
mine with yours and you with me.

how bright and fast the blazing chorus
in the bedroom of my honor.
dark and slow and yet upon us
those unholy unremembered.
become forgetting, strive to taste it
simple new and altruistic.
hold the heart and soul once wasted
trust the visions of the mystic.

teacher's words passed down before
the common pen laid bare the door
and placed us in communion there
i with you and you with me
yours with mine and mine with yours.

in one moment
there is a passing like a dream.
i love you, do not question
for both of us will smile and see this paradise tonight.
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Sep 16, 2012