I live in pure disguise
I live through all my fears
Though I'm hurt I smile
And laugh through all my tears

Yet as each day passes by
I'm lost in oceans wide
Of memories of you that lie
That deep within me reside

Those days of utter bliss
Those nights of tender care
Your touch, your every kiss
Each memory that we shared..

So how can I move on?
When you are my other half
Tell me how can I go on
And forget you, your smile...our past...?

So as each day passes by
I pretend everything is okay
And laugh and smile and smile
I learnt to survive this way..
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2 Responses Sep 16, 2012

Deep inside, behind that smile
There is a heart that signifies the pain come alive
Perhaps in pride, you try pushing it aside
Because within your mind, a memory still survives

How you wish this could be your reality
For you miss the way they helped you breathe
As if they gave you life, a purpose and meaning
It appears to all have died, as you are not quite into believing

That this is done, it is already over
Driven by emotion, you cannot discover closure
Nothing is gained when you choose to take all of the blame
Gather yourself and find another composure

you have got a talent .. great lines ,, keep writing !

ono problem, that was heart felt !