A Women

                  A Women
              I don't mean,to flaunt who I'am
              To throw in the worlds face,
            The women that I have become.
                        I was created
                        My flesh 
                        My blood
                        My soul to take
                        Have survived thus far
                      Of this I'am proud
                        My face,My eyes
                        my hands,my body
                     tell a beautiful and strong story
                        Of this I'am Proud
            Sometimes the only way to survive this life.
                             is to let the world know
                           My mind,My heart
                         My mouth and it's words
                       Know their own way in this world
                              And will not be turned
                               Of this I'am Proud

scr3amingInside scr3amingInside
36-40, F
Sep 17, 2012