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Tug On My Heart

Every time I think of you there is a tug on my heart
Pulling,tying,binding not willing to release any part
It's so strong like a magnetic pull and it leaves me wondering will
I ever get over you

I try and play it off like I don't care
Because I know you have forgotten me as if I was never there
And yet my heart looks for you everywhere
I struggle and fight against it but the tug is too strong

The silken melodic strands of your voice echo
While the vision of being wrapped in your arms
Plays over and over in my head
I remember your touch,your kiss
The way your hand felt in mine
I often think of all the good times

There is a tug on my heart and it only beats for you
But when I look back I realize it was what I needed to do
the time that we shared was beautiful and great
However it was only for the moment and had an expiration date

The tug on my heart will never go away
When I think of you and the love I feel will always rang true
But I know I am in a better place without you...
sexxydiva sexxydiva 36-40, F 8 Responses Sep 18, 2012

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Beautiful and yet so achingly sad.

Heartbreak usually is...however I am glad you thought it was beautiful!! :)

We wouldn't really know happiness if we never felt sad sometimes.

True but I don't have to like it :)

None of us like it and yet we set ourselves up for it so often!

I try to be more pratical and most times I am but sometimes love isn't so neat..

Love is so volatile - a little like nitro!

Especially with a very passionate person such as myself!!


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Very nice Sexxy

Thanks Dream

The poem hits home to me from his perspective. It was her that left me devastated. After ten years I have moved on, but my heart still aches for her. She attempted to contact me recently. I ignored her call. My new love deserves better than that. Will our hearts ever stop hurting?

I feel that you did the right thing by not answering her call. They will always be apart of us and be bitter sweet. However be thankful the love you have now. Thanks for your comments.

Better to love and lost than to have never loved at all, as the saying goes. Nicely written.

Thank actually was for the best..:)

I can relate to this poem,its meaningful for me

Thank you.

Sad but true. It echoes my life too. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for reading it and commenting!! I hope everything gets better for you.

Sad and yet beautiful at the same time. I am very impressed. I totally understand how you feel too.

Thank you for reading. I am glad you liked it :)

Beautifal poem though bittersweet.

Thank you so much :)