Did I Do Good With, Or By Her . . .

So many times you came to me
so many times i could help you see
you needed the good in my voice
so you could make the right choice

When we were more i was there
at times, more than I could bare
then we had to part our own way
you said, you just couldn't stay

So I was so full of bitter and sorrow
you clean, no seeing me tomorrow
i thought you hated me, detested me
you made me want to leave, just flee

so we talked, you changed your mind
as a friend, i was a very good find
you need me to be there when you fall
help you run, stand, walk, even crawl

I didn't believe and couldn't believe you
what i asked was too much for you
but you came, you proved me so wrong
you may not believe, but you are strong

In me you created faith, belief, and trust
in all of what we did, i felt i was just
so i flipped the switch, it was done
you would smile, even have some fun

then you needed me again, you called
i went to you, we talked, then you bawled
you were hurt, you were scared, so tender
you were ready to give, ready to surrender

I tried to convince you otherwise
You thought they were all lies
I did what I could to show you the path
I had hoped to not see your wrath

so now there i was, ready to help, to hold
i thought that i was noble, being so bold
i was ready, but i couldn't stop the guilt
no matter what, i could feel the jilt

you wanted a way out, just in case
if i left now, you could save face
i didnt know what you needed of me
thought i knew, thought i could see

you were tired, sad, you didnt care
not knowing, it was so much to bare
i was supposed to big, smart, strong
then why do i feel i did you so wrong

You do care, and now i have failed
supposed to be there when you bailed
only to help when you wanted to go
you do care, now i feel so low

I even said it, so it would be real
So now you have an out of your ordeal
Who is to blame, does not matter
I'll take it, so you dont have to scatter

Will you continue to let me be there
When you need a hug, smile, help with a scare
Reassure you, you are going to be fine
Even when you tip toe, even cross that line

I will always be there for you and your fear
I will help you wipe away all those tears
so why do i feel like i failed you so much
I hope we never end up out of touch

Whatever you need, when ever you call
Ill be here, picking you up when you fall
I cannot lead you, I cannot take you
I will show you, and I will support you

Soulmates for life, best friends forever
our lives forever intertwined, never to sever
worknplayhard13 worknplayhard13
36-40, M
Sep 18, 2012