My Family Poem They Never Will Know I Wrote ...

Thoughts of our relationship, are twirling through my mind
Trying to conceive an understanding, behind my crime
Your treatment towards me is far from fair
You are my mother, my father, my brother, causing me despair
All are against me, I do not know why
Does it feel good to you, to make me cry?
Does it feel good to you, to make me look bad?
Do you think it makes you look brighter, when you make me sad?
You took things from me, I never asked to give back
You all hate me, and tell everyone I am the one who has cracked
I tried to make all A's, just for you
I even grduated from college, for you too
But instead of being proud of me
Your daughter, your sister, your friend
You turned your back against me
And wished I was ....
You turned my friends against me
You turned my cousins too
You lied about the honest truth
You made fun of me, in my face
When others were around to cause me disgrace
You laughed at me, when I would start to cry
Blamed me for your misfortune and made me want to die
You killed my spirit, at one time, happy and free
But that is because you did not want me to succeed
You caused me pain, with insults and actions
You contradicted yourself with your words and your reactions
You killed my soul, and now there is nothing left
You did your deed, I am finally dead!
tac3004 tac3004
46-50, F
2 Responses Sep 19, 2012

Elementary... like the song...

Totally have a clue, what you may be feeling. It's Elementary!

I'm not sure what your response is telling me