My Way

I found an angel but then a horrid thing..
as I ran my fingers through his wing
there were blackened feathers among the white
So I pushed him away, from my sight
Then I began to ignore the black
I knew right then that I'd come back
Kittychanel Kittychanel
41-45, F
3 Responses Sep 20, 2012

good and bad. darkness and light. anima and animus. yin/yang. i think all combined in each of us. sometimes one prevails over the other etc. anyway i like your writing.

I ignore the bad and go on ahead anyway..because I feel...*GASP*

Hmmmm, when I read this, I see the battle of darkness and light. Because, the imposter was the black in disguise, while wearing the feathers of white. But, you were not fooled or subdued, and knew exactly what to do. The black never had a chance to romance or dance as you boldly took your stance.