My Skin Crawls

When his touch is all I long for,
And I only find it rough and raw,
The way I bend to please it,
Makes my skin begin to crawl.

When I only need some borrowed time,
To think alone and SLEEP,
His voice is there to prickle me,
And fish me from the deep.

When I only need a little faith,
From some one else but him,
And my family just turns away,
Worshipping my sins .

When he tells me I'm no good for him,
He'll find somebody new.
How his voice
drips with honey, "Nobody will ever want you."

How I run in ragged circles,
To scared to jump and face the fall,
How I'm not so strong without him,
Makes my skin begin to crawl.
TheRamblingRose TheRamblingRose
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 20, 2012

Going around in circles
Makes your reality much more hurtful

As you revisit a hope that has gone cold
And, how you grieve; they will never know
Bring to a close, memories you hold
Give yourself reprieve and choose to let go.