In your eyes you see my demise
Hidden deep from view
A burning ember of passion takes flame
A secret forever to be withheld from you
Searching for an answer in which I discover
That the one thing I need is the love of another
Someday my pain will end
Someday I will find my place, where love knows no bounds
Where the only things spoken are gentle words
I leave you were you lie
Gone are the days when I will ask a second chance to try
If I gave you the truth , would your heart die
As mine did on that night, when my world exploded
Taking with it everything I held dear
You wounded me , but I recover
Reaching out, I find someone to hold
Someone who saved me
Someone I desire

tigermoth1234 tigermoth1234
41-45, M
3 Responses Sep 21, 2012

Your pain is so palpable, and yet you still have hope. You connected the two in such a lovely way. :)

Thanks kitten without hope there is nothing :-)

touching and heartfelt!

Thank you

Truth wrapped in beautiful sadness