Created from greed and put out by man, a mixture of poison to enslave our land. A plague of sorts and now on the rise, cocaine, heroin, crack and others by disguise. Pills and paint seems like anything will do, to ease the pain that lurks so deeply inside of you.

What will it take, to make you see, you're destroying the potential of what you're suppose to be. Created for more than just Drugs by
design, sent from Hell's realm to deceive and melt down your mind.
Look at this picture, I'll put into view. Drugs, they're only out
to manipulate you!

You give up your hard earned dollars, maybe even your whole check, for a two second high, that you already regret. But, your body is hooked, craving even more, more poison to take you out of this world, waiting to knock at death's door.

This killer of sorts, Drugs is his name, making the dealers rich and
they show no shame! They push to the young, despondent and old. These no good humans have sold their own souls. Taking all comers with greenbacks in hand, each hit of this poison is very much in demand.

It's time to wake up from the pit of despair, pull yourself together, because somebody does care! You might need help and if that is true, look deep within your heart, it'll tell you what to do. Find your way out, before it's too late. Don't let Drugs and Death, seal your fate!

© Copyright 2012 THE GIFT
Sep 22, 2012