One More Chance

Stars are great and shining bright,
Please give us the passion to realize,
Our deepest hopes inside our minds,

Fly away into the sky,
Fly away through a new life,
Hit the final restart switch,
To realize your second chance,

Yes, waking up one bright morning,
With a smile that brings the birds to sing,
The most beautiful smile of light,
That brings tears of joy at sight,

A second chance, this can't be true,
Let's close our eyes again and snooze,
Cause it must be another dream,

Let's hit the long-awaited restart switch,
Now slowly uncover them once again to see,

It finally came true,

To press reboot and start over new,
It's bright and full of hopes and tears,

It finally came true...
Montire Montire
Sep 23, 2012