Outside And Inside (depression May Be Triggering)

The two side of one girl. Ironically the day I wrote this I had carved a frowning face into my stomach and drawn a smiley on my shirt.

Outside lives a girl w/ a smile,
That will brighten up a room.
Inside lives a girl with a frown,
Who's always full of gloom.

Outside Holds those bright eyes,
That show the joy you'd thinks inside.
Inside sits a joyless face,
That's always found it easy to hide.

Outside lives the I'm okay,
That puts you all at ease.
Inside lives a crying girl ,
Dying from mental disease.

Outside sits the quirky jokes,
That makes everyone grin.
Inside rests the suicidal thoughts,
That makes my life so grim.

What you see on the outside,
is just my personal disguise.
What lies on the inside,
I couldn't begin to describe.
So don't make assumptions,
They've caused me some pain.
Don't assume what you see,
is what it's chocked up to be.
AlleyFreakingKat AlleyFreakingKat
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 23, 2012

You've got a golden heart
No matter how you feel
I know the pain inside
And how it's all too real

You've got a golden heart
Stand up now and be strong
It's a fight that is worth fighting
Make no mistake, it will be long

You've got a golden heart
Now it's time to let it glow
And if nobody ever told you
Sweetie, now you know