A Poem For Someone In Yesterday...

in the silence of a manic rush to reason

all i have as guide is the notes left on my wall
yet they do not match the room i’m occupying
dusty shelves and cracked walls shouts for my attention
the telephone screams in silence
and the lights shines darkness across the floor

i yell through the window for a taxi
and consult my mind for a friend
tomorrow is gonna be the same as never
and yesterday was just a when
that familiar feeling sinks into my soul again
its the same story i wrote but a day ago
though the typewriter disagrees and rants about the economy
the television says its the fault of autonomy
but i am still left without a name

my shelter i now build from paper
less to protect and more to comfort
and i can make it up as i go
if there is no substance to hold one center
then you convince yourself of everything
for what is the purpose of stone
if water tears apart ones flesh

so now i place my heart inside my mouth
gagged by guilty promises choking on the food of life
my poison will keep me alive
while hands deny the existence of yesterday
and the promises of tomorrow fades into a mist of speculative reasoning
it seems i am alone

reaperofface reaperofface
31-35, M
1 Response Sep 23, 2012

---- powerful writing always comes from the heart. you will trancend. very nice. i like. thanks.

thank you for your kind words