Air, Fire And Earth

Richard starved himself into an angel
Hollow and pure
Until his feet barely touched the ground
And lillies grew from his transparent palms.
"Look at me" he said beneath the dimming light
His outstretched arms tattooed with veins
Which silently pulled him down.

Alex learned the secret of fire
As it licked at his lungs and glazed his hair.
He burned while angels sweetly sang,
Baptized by the breath of flame,
Etched permanently into the air.

James visited his mother at night
A thousand miles away
To tell her he had learned to fly.
He felt the wind rush twelve stories down
Where the earth flew up to embrace him.
He felt the soft kiss of the ground.
He was a dandelion seed set free,
Softly whispering goodbye.
VogonPoetry VogonPoetry
31-35, F
1 Response Oct 16, 2012

The most bitter brand of loss.

So very well done, I can't believe I missed this one earlier.

Thanks ....!