I Have So Much Left To Say.....

You were in such a rush, I wish you'd stay,
Now let me tell you that I have so much left to say.

You started of as an acquaintance, I miss those silly things you used to say,
Please hold on for a while, I have so much left to say.

May be in your loud laughs you missed those words of love that i say,
Give me some tranquility, I have so much left to say.

The night you confess your love, you made my heart's strings to play,
So listen closely, I have so much left to say.

You touched my soul in such a passionate way,
Made me feel Alive, Made me stay,
Just put your hands on my heart, I have so much left to say.

The dawn the dusk, My heartbeat my breathe,
they all remind me of you everyday,
Just walk out of my imagination cause I have so much left to say.

The name of you my love is always whispered, Whenever my hands are high in Pray!,
I beg for one last chance cause I have so much left to say.

You came, you gave, you loved and its you who abandoned me that way,
didn't you hear the noise of broken heart Howling! I have so much left to say.

Oh My beloved don't walk away tearing me apart,
I still love you with all my heart..!!
Thats all I've left to say.....

lalakhan90 lalakhan90
22-25, M
18 Responses Oct 24, 2012

One of my favorite! I love it.
Keep it up :)

nice thanks

love the way thats written

I like this poem a lot. Well done.

thank you so much..:))

I'm sad

In a way we all view love the same. One love

yeah...one love..:)

I respect the honesty.
Sometimes words don't suffice. But I appreciate that you try. Trying is what sets us apart.

yeah you're right...
Thank you.:)

i liked ur poem dude,keep it up!

Lovely and sweet poem. I love how it actually tells the story. Great job. ^_^…

Hey thankx..:))

You're welcome. ^_^…

Maine kabhi us shaks ko hasil hi nahi kiya,

Phir bhi har pal yeh lagta hai, ki maine usse kho diya..

Fab poetry......... beautifully penned.


Thank you so much..:)

Beautiful. I loved it!

Very beautiful. I really like the end.

Nice print, the expression came out pretty good as well

very nice...so hurry up and tell her :)

Marvellous man ! i really scared to suffer this :S it would be my first n last !

I like this.

it's beautiful ^.^

This is so beautiful