Mind Games

Mind Games

In the middle of the wall to wall
I collapsed to where I am now static
Clinging to the wooden box you left, I treasure
You're do any moment, I convince myself
I watch from my windows
Through the rain
You stand in my doorway
Your coat was undone as you spoke about the storm
You always had the small talk down to an art
I miss YoU, I proclaimed
and I - U, So effortlessly parroted back
Cant you see me?
Do you not read the pain in the palm of my hands?
I am relagated to my knees
As though I am casting one last wish
Throwing every drop I have
My heart bleeds
Hoping that maybe one of these last dropplets
Will pay the final price
Like a broken sonnet
Our song seems to have just jumped tracks
As my soul is searching for the key
My heart barely sustaining life
These games of always repeating what we believed the Other wants to hear
My deafening cries are the only thing I hear
Your brilliance's eclipse my mind
Shining like every star was meant to be
Your smile eluded me
For as I took a second glance
The door was still closed
My room totally empty
You took your coat off
Stood in my rain
You were always amazing
Like that...
DreamChariot DreamChariot
41-45, M
7 Responses Nov 3, 2012

Hauntingly beautiful and sad... reminds me of a song. *soft smile*

Thanks, and Yes, that was the point. We all have a soundtrack to our lives, sometimes the same song has totally different emotional values and impact depending on the mindset.

Wow, that was beautiful ^.^

Thank you.

Brilliant! :)))))

Thanks. :)

Is it still raining for you? Thank you for the poem. Namaste

Thank you for your kind words.

Namaste? What's this?

Namaste is an Indian greeting. :D

Thanks Lushi, I have heard or read this before just never knew what it meant.

Its a greeting that originates from India....there are many ideas as to what it can mean. "My soul knows your soul", is what it means to me. :)

Wow! :)

o.o I like the latter much better...it resonates with me.

Oh... never seen this in print. Lol.


Namaste.......to you Lushiro! :)

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Nicely written...

Thank You for your kind words.

This is sad on an emotional level... :/
A heavy feeling of absence.