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deep in the arms of my loneliness
I feel no pain I feel no loss
I fell no connection to the world
but my time alone has never granted me solitude
alone I do not have to explain myself
alone I do not have to feel others love hate joy sorrow
alone I want to be
why is it so hard to be alone
why in a crowded room am I most alone
far from people in the place that does not exist
I will one day be alone
and not have to feel others pain joy sorrow faith
why is it that we must share our pain
is it not enough to feel it for your self
why is pain a social gathering for all to bear
when you are on top all come to share
but when you crash and burn all run and hide

calvinunmaker calvinunmaker 31-35, M 3 Responses Nov 5, 2012

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Awesome poem, its true what uve written.

I understand this so's due to our burn out of empathy, to be the only ones drowning in the sorrow and anguish of others...sometimes you just want to feel your own emotions but that is not permitted because our power cannot be switched off when we desire...that and when we shut off the world...we shut off a piece of ourself too, the fragment that engaged and interacted with reality, a vital piece like that is always required so when you're ready to step away from your comfort, you can embrace the shadows and light against the armor you forged.

your reply brought me online

O.o that is bizarre...

reality is what you make of it lol

lol is it our unique connection Calvin? :P Did you feel a twinge or signal?

I felt a need to check my story like what you were saying was very important to you

It was definitely important for I related to it...and felt a bit of yourself written through it per usual :)

just proof of your real connection to what I was saying


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Love. I feel your loneliness, your pain, your solitude, the you you are....Come talk with me. I am here for you. I love you too. Let me help with words...Kissessssssssssssss...Wish I could hug you for a day and a night. C. Please. You are not alone as long as I breathe on this earth. xoxoxxo