Letting The Pain In

Trying to breathe where there is no air,
Fighting for my own life,
Taking it in,
Letting all the feelings go,
Crying in the rain.

Searching for an answer,
Lost in my mind,
I can not shake these memories,
Losing myself to the tide,
I just wanna curl up and cry.

I am blocking all my emotions,
Closing the world away,
Losing myself in this mist,
So much tears staining my face,
Losing the will to go on.

Just because the skies are blue,
That does not mean I am smiling,
Even though my heart is beating,
That does not mean I am alive,
I am dead inside.

Burning like a candle light,
Going on even though I have no reason,
Searching for a empty purpose,
Just let me take,
Take the dagger to my skin.

Through the burning pits of hell,
Down on the lights of heaven,
Leading myself to the land of my own,
Going to my mind,
Finding safety in myself.

Losing all I am,
Blocking every single feeling,
Watching the flowers die
Seeing no star is the night,
Hearing no heavinly tunes of the birds.

Lost in the pain,
I can not take it all in,
Letting the memories flush in,
Letting down my minds wall,
Crushing who I am,
Hollow is all that is left.

Looking for anything,
Finding no hand,
Seeing the world a cold as ice,
Burning down my heart,
I am no longer myself just a walking shell.
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wow :)

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