Do You Know How It Feels Like ?

Do you know how it feels like to have something then lose it suddenly?
Do you know how it feels like to choose to be sad rather than being happy?
Do you know how it feels like to be a good person then change completely?
Do you know how it feels like to be someone you never wished to be?
Mom I am asking you where are all the things we had one day.
Tell me who came and took them all away?
Don’t tell me it’s destiny because no it’s not
I am not trying to blame you mom I know it’s not your fault
Look at your daughter she became the saddest person in the world
I tried to help you mom but how can I fight without a sword?
Every time I see you crying I lose something inside of me
My heart became made of anger and mixed feelings that no one can see
Enough crying please I swear we’ll be okay
Believe me your tears are like poison that’s killing me day by day
Save me mom , this is unfair
I know how much you love me and how much you care
Enough is enough my dear
Material things aren’t everything for real
Remember how much you’re loved by all
And remember that God picked you up when you were about to fall
Tell me what is more beautiful than all the things you’ve got
You have three sons and a daughter that love you a lot
Enough crying this is my only Request
If God doesn’t love you he wouldn’t ask you to pass this test 
Amenita666 Amenita666
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 12, 2012

I went through mch pain and depression and my daughter, who is now 29, was forced to take the role of mom. It was hard on her, it was hard on me. We do not choose our lives and many times our pain causes pain for our children. My daughter moved back in with me last year. I have healed in so many ways, since she last lived with me and she has grown as well. She still worries that I'll fall back into depression, but I remind her to let go of mothering me and thank her for the many years, she loved me through my sadness. We are the best of friends. Hang in there girl. What you do for your mother is not in vain. But Like I have always told my daughter, "Take care of you first" and if taking care of you mom has to sometimes be put on hold to keep your own sanity. By all means. Take Care of You!

it is so hard for me believe me :(