I have this monster
who's taken over my life
it has took away my friends
and it cuts me like a knife

I have this monster
that never goes away
even when i sleep
the monster, it will stay

i have this monster
which always makes me cry
every night i go to sleep
whishing i would die

I have this monster
that i wish would dissapear
because my mother can't even touch me
whithout breaking town in tears

i wish that i could fight it
but it's just to strong
'cause it makes me weaker
as times gone on and on.

Woesh Woesh
18-21, F
2 Responses Nov 15, 2012

the monster that stalks
you day and night
is the one walks
with you in the light

the monster that stalks
watches you and binds you
drugs you and screw you
that monster is you and only you.

Great poem....however the undercurrent of it is sad. :(