Not The End Of Me

I have let the light go,
But not let the dark in,
The pain from withing spreading my fears,
You and I,
Standing here alone,
We are like each other,
The pain consuming me,
This world is nothing but a dream,
A peace of a shattered memory,
Here we go,
The secrets we never shared,
Each time we face our fears,
My heart is running from me,
The voice I speak,
Is killing me,
The words I want to say,
Are making me fall asleep,
Before I saw the world,
I never thought my mind could take me,
The moments I breathe,
Is like nothing to what is killing me,
I am disappearing into my sleep,
You take me,
Take me to the world I once knew,
Then the music stops,
The voices come back again,
A simple heart beat,
You say to take my time,
Well I am holding it in,
Rattling my emotions,
You are only just my imagination,
The more you walk away,
The less I hurt,
The less I feel,
Letting the judgment take it's toll,
A simple drawing,
To the sound of the drums,
You and I are just invisible,
Just stay in my mind,
Exactly where you are,
Hiding from the clouds,
Until I die,
Until I live,
Is this world worth fighting for,
I know I am not perfect,
I am exactly who I am,
A peaceful melody,
Turning into a echoing thunder,
Sending me on my way,
People say it is never too late,
Too late t stop fading,
But have you ever been stuck in a world of despair,
Seen the faces of the mountains upside down,
When you tell me,
That this is all just a dream,
Do not say,
Say I am just the wind,
Let the wind carry me,
Trying to hush myself,
But my eyes keep closing,
Passing my running heart,
I keep seeing all this pain,
Even some not my own,
I watch as everything fades to air,
Mist clouding my soul,
But my mind keeps taking place,
Setting the unwanted choices in motion,
Bringing the waves to my ease,
Setting in the unwanted pain,
Bringing myself to the beat,
I keep on breathing,
The same air you breathe,
You say I am nothing but a disease,
Yet here I am,
Walking not sickly,
Taking the world as my dream,
Letting my voice be the death of me,
Yet here I stand,
Arms wide open,
So to hell with it,
This is not the end of me.

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So thought provoking and powerful! Thanks for sharing:)

beautiful thank you so much

thank this poem explain the inside of me

Draw a line.
It's Christ. Meet Him. It's NOT the end of you, you are so right!

Quite a sad poem which was uplifted just at the end.....there is hope and always hold onto that.Thank you for sharing. :-)

Wow it was amazing was it like based on you and your mom fight

God no. if I knewthat ***** she wouldn't be breathing

Its amazing,motivating&inspiring dearie thanks am blessed.

Its beautifull..!!!
love it..x

I am beyond words to say for this poem! ;)

haha you like it?

Like it?! I LOVE it! :D



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Where do you come up with all these beautiful thoughts ?

life lol

Let me say that this poem is beautiful and you know that young people don't really like poetry but it seems that you love it.

i do

That was so awesome my brain just blew up:D!! Great poem Christy^_^

thanks sis!!! :D

Amazing!! I loved it :)


Really good poem!

thanks :)

Hmmm...seems like a complexity with relationship distance, attraction, subtle comparison and other emotions, but towards the won't give up until this entity embraces you.


Otherwise nicely constructed prose. :)

wow snow this is really good!

you think?

yes i do

thanks jett XD

your welcome And can you please call me drake

of course

thank you snow!

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