I Am Here For You

You are a shinning star,
A crystal covered in red,
Your heart is shattered into a thousand pieces,
Your soul is torn from your own being,
Go ahead take the blade,
But know,
Know you are never a failure,
You are a revelation,
Once I would have turned a tear,
Now I can tell you,
You are something,
Keep walking the path you are going,
Follow your heart,
See these scars,
You and I are not that different,
We both see the pain,
Both hear the words of violence,
It is a war,
We are the weapons,
Let me tell you,
I am not your enemy,
I am not your ally,
I am on your side,
Breathe in the poison,
Breathe out the peace and harmony,
Open your eyes,
And see,
We can make it through this hell,
Go on and lend me your ear,
I have something to tell you,
I know everything has hurt you,
But understand I will not,
I am going to try and wipe all your tears,
See this blood,
It is mine,
Pouring out my veins,
But I keep breathing,
So you keep breathing too,
Because I am right here for you.

thisaccountisgone thisaccountisgone
18-21, F
2 Responses Nov 16, 2012

How do I know! very nice!

<p>beautiful just beautiful</P><br />

thanks :)

np :)