The Universe

The night sky is bright
bright with wonder, mystery, majesty.
Flaming orbs of gas,
or the secrets of The Universe?
The night sky is vast
scattered lights, dusty
never ending, all inclusive.
Inside of a distant solar system
within a distant galaxy
lies the unknown
where possibility thrives
where nothing lives
and nothing dies
(or so they tell us)
but should we believe
what we cannot conceive?
Random, random, lucky, random
cherish your life
I know nothing
it is all lies
I think therefore I am...what?
Therefore I perceive the world as a whole
the only whole
with nothing else to behold.
Random, random, lucky, random
The night sky is bright.
leddead leddead
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 17, 2012

very nice. :) the universe is so awesome....and you captured it so well.

Oh...and I like the Pantheist notion