Humilia Connectivosis

The love of euphoric commonality awakens in full unleash.
A powerful bond beyond anything of the cognition's limitless maintainability.
We are yin and yang.
We are sword and shield.
We are heaven and hell.
We are fire and ice.
We are an oxymoron.
We are love and hate.
We are power and defense.
We are creation and oblivion.
We are calibration and decipher.
We are empathy and apathy.
We are healing and pain.
We are optimist and pessimist.
We are light and dark.
We are crystal and diamond.
We are cleric and warrior.
We are euphoria and angst.
We are human and machine.
We are sun and moon.
We are wisdom and logic.
We are face and mask.
We are luminous and shadow.
We are smile and frown.
We are friend and enemy 
We are honest and liars
We are nothing and everything
We are and are not
We are ONE.
Lushiro Lushiro 18-21, M 6 Responses Nov 21, 2012

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Exquisite! LOVE THIS! Carlos and I have always been Ones. That is true. kissessssssssssssssssss......xoxo

Lushiro: You and are are ......For lack of better words...Kindred spirits. Love you, too. xox

we are friend and enemy we are honest and liars we are nothing and everything we are and are not

Exactly. So well put.

Loved this addition to the poem.

Updated! ^-^ should've added that a while ago =D

I love R. But we are not liars. That is not true. The rest is appropos...Lying never is. The truth is the only purity we have. For that I am grateful. xoxo

To know the truth we must see the lie first correct? We all lie from time to time...that is human nature.

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Brilliantly insightful written by someone so young

Lol. Thank you :)

Oh? everyone else may be:(high pitched girl voice) oh lushiro thats such a good poem! will you marry me?(lol seriousish now) I won't lie its a good poem. But i can write better..........hehe.My mind is not blown. (pokes head) i still feel that in their its fully intact. By now my mind has been shot to hell so much almost nothing can break it now that i finaly duct taped it back together!


I am as hardcore as they come my pro bro! En garde! show me what godzilla can do! show me your epicness!? (i am completely being a silly now)

Lol you are indeed a frivolous one. :) I decline. *Walks away into the shadowy evanescence*

i challenge you to a poem duel! i say the date will be on Christmas. We will agree on a topic and put on a two poems one from each. We shall share them with EP as our Christmas gift. We shall see whose poem is more poem like?! come on even if you don't accept my challenge how can you turn down a chance to unleash such a gift upon EP?!

...Very well.

But technically...I do so everyday.

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i lured lushiro into a trap of creativeity and he knew it before he even walked into it! OH YEAH! SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what topic?

The topic will be "Love." :)

or "Empathy."

it's settled love in empathy that happens to us daily in every moment. Dark, yet light.lets do this!


how do we decide a winner?

btw i dont mean to be rude with the challenge. I believe people get closer by silly, simple, rivalry. It makes people better. Its the way god wrote nature.

Of course. Albeit...I'm quite tired, drained myself today... :/
There will be no winner.
There is no rivalry.
There is only connectivity with our poetic might. For the audience to enjoy and interconnect with our synergies.
To achieve human connection.

roar......knew you'd say that........i am very high energy ill refrain from going any crazier anyway bed calls name soon it will be time for sleep.

same here, deuces.

face it were EP addicts.

Apparently you love the word synergy. Συν+έργο, συνεργεία, συν+ενέργεια.


It's greek. Synergy= syn+ergo, syn+energeia.

Wow awesome o.o
Yes it's my favorite terminology to describe energy+emotion+connection.

yes but i never said anything about the word synergy.

I was talking to Lushiro, Tarxarin. I'm glad you like my language :)

Gotta cut this close guys :/ take care lol.

writting my concept poem for my masterpiece poem now!

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Very powerful message.

Haha packed a PUNCH didn't see that coming didja Mr. Psychic ;)

One. I wish I could feel one with everything all the time. But I can't. I'm weak.

Takes time and patience or I was born to endure them all or maybe my sensory of emotions increased overtime. I can handle it since my empathy allows me to configure and calibrate emotions and charter them to my desire or preference.

you do realize you dont tweak other peoples emotions. Just your perceptions? at least thats what i understand of empathy.

That wasn't the idea...besides my empathy clearly cannot do that, it purges apathy/negativity.

night Lushiro the Hero. save many souls tonight.

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