Paranoia is when you hear things and see things that are not real. It is a game that can make you feel and as you feel your mind will reel because it knows it’s real or thinks its real it’s sad but paranoia puts on a meal list. We are gobbled up by this anxiety and mad insanity how we survive is we fight until we can not move when you are backed up against the wall with no one to have your back and take it down for you. this is the life you have chosen to be afraid and never dig your self out of the six foot obis you let the demonic power of paranoia put you in. you made it easy by wanting to let your own self feed on it and when you fed on it, it fed on it too that was your first mistake. your second was when you kept letting it slide by you not thinking it was going to far you let it pass you by like its nothing how can you let this happen now paranoia is a full fledge man right behind you. You feel the cold ruthless maniacal hands wrap them selves around your neck and let them choke the life out of you. the last thing you heard was paranoia laughing as your face turned purple and you fell out of you body drifting up to heaven but it still has time to play seven seconds after your heart gives up your brain still works so you are not dealt with yet until your brain runs out of oxygen. Paranoia tells you I win do you want to let it win or do you want to fight until those seven seconds are over. Fighting for your life because there is a chance you can live do you take it or not maybe it’s because you don’t have the will or maybe you don’t have the skill. which ever it is you still are in a hell you built completely on your own its all your fault you gouged out your eyes so you don’t see its face its all your fault you slit your ears so you can not hear its whispers its all your fault you deadened your feeling in every patch of your skin so you cant feel it scratching you skin off its all your fault that you glued your nose shut so you cant smell the rotting flesh sitting around you its all your fault because you chose to louse around and not fight you chose to sit there and die and this is what you deserve get over it your finally dead. funny thing is you think its over but this disease is a roller coaster you become a fallen angel dead and demonic hell bound devil child is what paranoia made you, you let it in so it is here you let it see you so it is near you let it touch you so you hold it dear now you die in eternal fear you cant shift the gear all you see is what you fear the face of evil sitting there rocking in your red rocking chair singing red rum over and over as your heart flips on the roller coaster he walks over knife in hand waiting to let you suffer till no end he has you till forever cause now your in hell welcome to your beautiful cell your blood shed upon the walls from where paranoia hurt you within the cell walls you cry and cry but no one can hear you, you die and die but no one can see you smell you or even know of your existence you die alone as you hear a faded cackle as you hear the words its not over you think your done well you forgot a detail your not alive to begin with and again are told welcome to hell this is your life live it love it because this is all you’ll know its like a walk through the valley of death but yet you don’t die even when you hold your breath that’s the thing I know is real as I see these symbols all upon my forehead I realize this isn’t my body this isn’t my life this isn’t me at all not even my soul they took it all from me everything I own including my body life and soul so I now I wept crying as I am dying slowly inside for only fear of paranoia is left inside.
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