Internet Love

They say it cannot work, that love isn't blind
You will never meet that someone who's kind
They say it never lasts, that love is fake
Get offline, for goodness sake
They say that online, it's total lies
Everyone loves, then everyone cries

I met someone though, they are not fake
I am so, so happy for my sake
I ignored the advice, I didn't go out
I didn't listen to friends, who just scream and shout
About the Internet being a scary place

Proof, when I see your face

Log In on EP and Meebo together,

....I truly do think, this could be forever ♥

SophiesSecretRoom SophiesSecretRoom
22-25, F
3 Responses Nov 26, 2012

well internet love can turn sucessfull my friend got her love through net and they live two differnt cities and now they are etting married :)

Mine :3