Morning Mist

In the morning with first light
My eyes fall upon a lovely site
Laying next to me so sweet
Is my Angel, my loves retreat.

As I gently graze your hair
I watch as you're calmly sleeping there
Your body warm and soft to touch
That I adore and love so much.

I calmly lay on my side
To get in position next to my bride
Arranging into another spoon
As I hear you softly swoon.

I feel your body so arousing to me
Then I get a better look to see
As I thought all along
For me you have removed your thong.

So I tenderly lay beside
To get a better way inside
Joining you in a lovers hold
I tenderly ease into your fold.

With a sigh and moan of pleasure
I slowly slip deep into your treasure
As you arch your back for me
I go deeper in your luxury.

As I feel it go to the base
I see a smile across your face
It pleases you I can tell
By the clamping of your shell.

I slowly pull you closer in
Your head just below my chin
Arching your back to get a hold
You now awake and become more bold.

You match my movements so tender and slow
The more you move the farther I go
As I am in, to the hilt
I feel your body begin to tilt.

You begin to move against me with a fire
That burns from your craving desire
With tears you cry with lustful glee
For me to release deep into thee.

With these words I know its near
As I kiss away a joyful tear
You shake and clamp down onto me so tight
As I let my seed take its flight.

I feel the contractions as we pulse as one
You emptying the barrel of my loaded gun
One, two and one more
I feel my waves crash into your shore.

As you jerk and coat me slick
With your sweet juices thick
I feel your body collapse into mine
With heavy breathing so divine.

But I must hold you close
It is this that I crave most
And as you release you turn to see
My loving eyes gazing back at thee.

You kiss me with a lovers desire
That's been stoked by a longing fire
As I kiss thee back in turn
You feel the love in my heart that burns.

After our loving embrace
I stare into your smiling face
You nuzzle me closely with your face into my chest
Our bodies entwined for much needed rest.

While I slowly stroke your hair
Holding you to my heart as its beating there
I hear those words that in my heart ring true
A sweet and gentle "I love you".


Dreampoet Dreampoet
41-45, M
2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

Wow, really nice. I like, "I feel my waves crash into your shore".

That was my favorite part too. It sounded so lyrical

Thank you I appreciate it.

I love capture passion, sex and romance..i can actually feel your words...

Thank you sweety..Xo

Love you too.