But I Forgive You

You may not deserve it,
But I forgive you.
You say you aren't cold,
But you know that's not true.
I was too young to truly know hate,
But you spoiled my mind for your own selfish sake.
But my body grew and so did my mind
And I decided to leave all that poison behind.
I thought I took control when i walked away,
But you had left a mark on my heart to decay.
I could be happy until you would walk in the room,
Encasing my joy in a cold lonely tomb.
And I thought I had won because I had ran,
And you would always that I was never your fan.
I was smarter and prettier and better in every way,
And I would throw it in your face every single day.
Then looked in the mirror at my anger's sitter,
And recoiled when I realized that you had turned me bitter.
You were living rent free inside of my mind,
When this whole time I thought I had left you behind.
If I am better than you than I must let go,
Of the hate and the bitterness that I have come to know.
So I say goodbye to that darkness that held me down,
I shall wear my forgiveness like a king wears his crown.
So you may not deserve it, you may not even know I do,
You may have hurt me but I forgive you.

carlee1212 carlee1212
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

Very good! I should work on forgiveness a bit more, myself... :/

Thankyou! Looking back it makes me look a little intense. lol.