I Know Where My Heart Beat Is, Where Is Yours?

as i lay here on the ground
with my heart not making a sound
i wonder where the beat to my heart is

i look all around
trying to find the sound
i feel so incomplete as is

walking down that beaten path
looking at the aftermath
i start to hear a thud

step by step
i start to pep
my heart is coming out of its blood drenched mud

near the end
by the bend
i see the house of an old closer than close friend

the thud gets louder
my chest exhausts a powder
for it has not beaten since his end

he is my lover
the one I'll always feel love fer'
forever and ever

i feel a jolt
a tiny bolt
inside my chest something burns

a flame is lit
it's not a glitch
the flame starts to yearn

it yearns for it's essence
the very meaning of its presence
the thing that makes it whole

my heart beats loud
it makes me feel proud
as i step through the gates of a cemetery

a pain inside my chest
i feel the need for rest
but i can't stop my quest already

so i keep on walking following my heart
making me feel like every step's a work of art
i see a red rose sprouting from the ground

i looked at the name
and cried for it is one and the same
he's the essence of my sound

i should have known
for my love has only grown
since the last time his heart pound

i found the essence
i found the reason for the flames presence
something i knew all too well

i knew the answer before
but now my heart wants him more
for he is the only love my heart thinks is swell

if only i could play god for a day
i could wash all of mine and your family's pain away
and we could live out our lives till the end

but no matter how much i wish
i know this is all i can accomplish
tears, loving years, all for a closer than close boyfriend.

Caitlinsmith1636 Caitlinsmith1636
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012