Its Been Awhile I Missed You

laying in my bed i was alone freezing i pulled the covers over my head my long black curly hair softly pushed away from my face stared to drift off then i thought sound like a horn frightened me though i just layed still left my eyes closed then a bright light shined into my still clossed eye lids i saw a shadow step into the bright light , i know already you have come to me in the past, oh how long i waited i thought the first time you came to me was also the last.
please stay awhile ,before i come fully awake and then my thought are of seeing you becomes denighiel,
stay with me for ever i plea , i will listen ,love you , obey you with all that is with in me. this time i will not push you away , i will not go out and do what ever pleases me, or cuts all ties just to be free, i know now what wrong i have done and losing you i know there was nothing i won . im still here all alone no one to hold me tight its just a pillow i hold at night.
i would think to my self if you ever think of me? and if i could ever become the person you want me to be? i cant open my eyes ,i dont want you to leave take my heart my body my soul its your you are my life what can i do to make you believe. i give you everything and all be there and dont let me fall. what can i do that will please you? i beg, just then i woke up and alone in my bed.
i got up and sat by my bed yes it was you dear jesus i will follow you till im dead.
thank you jesus my king
this is a true story one week after my
husband died. feb.21 2006
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