Past,present And Future

Once upon a time there was a young and foolish girl
A girl who believed in fairy-tales and  the lies which she was told
She believed in an infinite and unconditional love
She had not felt the stabs and the wounds that were yet to come.

Once upon a time that girl was me,
Full of excitement hopes and dreams,
Then I met you and you changed it all
Introduced me to a world in which dreams no longer swirl
You took my innocence my goodwill my faith,
my faith in happiness, hope and fate

Now there exists a new girl,with no hope at all
One who's future is grim and pessimistic
One who's learnt from the scars which she was left with
Shes guarded,shes brutal,shes angry and alone
She hides from love to protect herself,she fears the pain to which she is prone.
She hides in the darkness and alone she waits,
For the end of her suffering and for the coming of her fate

Once upon a time there was a woman who had died alone
All her chances at happiness she had blown,
She was afraid to love,because she was afraid to feel,
But now all her fears were no longer real.
All which is left is the tale of a woman grown old
who wishes she had loved,no matter the pain which would unfold.
RoseAmongThorns RoseAmongThorns
18-21, F
Nov 27, 2012