This is truly, forever the end. The time has come to release me from this entanglement. To exhale the cancerous fumes - and never let myself consume such a disregard for myself. I've learned from this. I've discovered from poverty in self-love, wealth. I've grown. I've seen myself. I thank my stars for the obstacles in bars and living room couches of friends that weren't real that I've stayed at their houses. And places I've slept, outside of my body while my body was kept where it never should have been..or has ever been where it should. My body never understood where my mind escaped to or how it ever could. How it could just leave for the time being - leaving behind a false illusion of what life is doing to keep the body alive while burying the feelings inside to keep the mind from moving.
skiescollide skiescollide
22-25, F
Nov 27, 2012