Do You Love Me Yes Or No

Do you love me for who I am,

or what I appear to be,

is it that I'm just a man,

or a soul of mystery.

Words I pledge to pen I write,

and toast your optimistic view,

agreeing that everything is right,

lost souls untold are true.

Language wrestles the frozen mind,

delivers a mournful throng,

smiles portray that they are kind,

but sometimes they are wrong.

Glory eyes stop and stare,

the wink of friendship pass,

you look right through though I'm not there,

my heart seems made of glass.

A cold wind blows and tears my soul,

the passion ripped from me,

an empty life can not be whole,

tied to the chains of mystery.

So where your love that has me bound,

and keeps me warm in the night,

a heart's never lost until it's found,

then darkness turns to light.

You say that love springs from the eye,

and touches deep within,

a true emotion that cannot lie,

but rush along to begin.

Yet in your smile I see the wither,

that has my sight undone,

charms that say to me, “come hither”,

I’ll break your heart for fun.

A crimson smile that has me aghast,

and shreds my hopes to fears,

echoing laughter that seems to last,

follows me through the years.

My heart I state is not for sale,

nor ripe for fumbling hands,

colourful words that now turn pale,

on ears that understands.
alwaysfightingmyemotions alwaysfightingmyemotions
41-45, M
1 Response Nov 28, 2012

wow you wrote that? you are really good you should make a book of them i would buy it

I write poetry to convey my feelings I have a poetry page on

i will check it out but do i have to join to see it because i am not good at writeing and i cant write poems like other people do

You don't need to join to view