I Want To Fall

I want to collapse into the ground. Into a pile of red feathers. In a angel's arms. To fall. And sing of a fallen bridge. No. Not to give up. Just to lay with my red wings and think of my life's wishes and choices. To fall into a world of peace and connection of my heart and soul. I want to fall. Falling. Falling peacefully. But it's as though i am not falling. But i am rising. As though an angel is picking me up.

I am rising. That bridge is rising. It is building it's self back up. I am rising to be a connected soul. My wings are sprouting. And i am growing.
redfallenangel redfallenangel
18-21, F
2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

Yes. I think it is. :)

Perhaps the falling and hitting the ground part is over. ^_^