Tear The Pain Away... And Ease Of The Ego

You pull and push so much.. I begin to feel hollow

like where are we taking this mess we've made?

I believe in you but you rip the beleif I have in you to shreds at times...

I want you but I can't show you, I can't show you that I need you and want you...

I don't want to care but I do..

I don't want to be swimming in mixed, complex emotions for you drowning in so deep, but I am.

And so I scream inside yes hes making an effort, but is it enough? the tiny gestures he makes, should he be doing more?

you didn't have me from the word go... but you have me now although my coldness towards you perhaps makes you think the contrary... can you see through it intomy raw heart?
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3 Responses Nov 29, 2012

whats this about? Does it have a double meaning?

cool, good work, well done :)

This is quite vividly descriptive... I love it!

You are welcome. Totally honest and sincere... I feel when I read this... that's powerful...