Stage Lights To My Tunnel.

I was a bright child born into a darkness, who grew to become a dwindling flame of a women. I felt much like a mole, who has adjusted to the light after growing in the darkness of what I was born into. As I step into the light as a grown women, I seem to have diminished in the light and spirit of the world. The rebel inside me grew strong from the constant lack of faith to succeed from those I called my family, and excelled to prove my dominance of my own fate. I sang to show the world the raw me in all forms, and express my agony, without details of the depths of the tunnels that dwindle in my existence. I danced the disdain from my body, and kept my soul in motion, to prevent my feet from sinking into the quicksand of time that lay above the caves from which I was rooted from. Now as I stand on my own, I see the passions that kept me alive falling away without the need to provide my own light. It always comes down to the end of the day the audience walks away, and I stand shivering cold on a well lit stage.
strawberryrose strawberryrose
22-25, F
Nov 29, 2012