Dead By April!!!

Hola! November night, slight rain,
And a smoke filled air churned up my
Fuming brain.

Memoirs of capricious malignity.
Felicity of this hopeless hemisphere,
Measured monstrosity of meticulous misery,
Obtuse, obsolete, occasionally oblivious.
Through cataclysms, fragmenting, crucifying,
Yet consolidating this very cavity of the blackened core.
Infernal bliss! Nightmares from the Cinderella land!
Soothing touch of the seraphim devil,
Lord of miseries, master of the ominous,
Behold! This besmeared blackness.
Behold! My destructive creation.
Inched towards a glimmering perfection,
Glad amid this wintry night.

Summer’s less-preferred my dear,
In this happy hopeless hemisphere.

In shambles lay this substance be.
I’ve created this, a grain at a time.
I’m not a Michelangelo honey, nope!
I ain’t unhappy either.
I’m the creator of myself! Soham!
Perfected towards the divine deficiency.

The mist hall fallen thick outside
And the world is fast asleep.
Let us out! To dance with the wolves.
To die less tonight.
Everything comes with an expiry date now-a-days.
I’d possibly be dead by April anyway.

pervydog pervydog
22-25, M
Nov 29, 2012