Remember Those Less Fortunate (alone At Christmas)

A sombre day for Christmas,

as the Yule fire softly glows,

it's about those who have less,

like the snowman;s frozen toes.

While there is jubilation,

and smiles light up the dwelling,

those with cold expectation,

sneer at tummy's swelling.

Among the frozen footfalls,

a shadow stands alone,

to him no cheery hearth calls,

to warm his aching bones.

Family's make up the happy throng,

they warmly stand together,

but this shadow simply don't belong,

cast aside in freezing weather.

Lights and tinsel everywhere,

choirs sing about a manger,

hearts of love and happy cheer,

forget about the stranger.

To him this time is unaccessible,

no respite from other's good will,

alone with his thoughts regrettable,

in the shadows standing quite still.

On the breeze mulled wine is yummy,

though in another’s hand does sway,

imagination to fill his tummy,

cold looks send him away.

So who is this forgotten interloper,

who watches from afar,

he is just another unfortunate hoper,

in the shadows below a frozen star.
alwaysfightingmyemotions alwaysfightingmyemotions
41-45, M
2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

This person is me....

i like that even though its sad and there is words i dont know in it i wish i had a huge house and a GPS tracking device in all people who are homeless or lonely for the holidays i would find them and offer to bring them home to play cards watch movies and eat and all who wanted could sleep in my house and before they left i would give them clothes and anyone who wanted could stay until they found their own place only thing i would ask in return is they clean up after their self shower or bathe and in the future if someone needed help they help that person out