You Ruined Me

I thought it was innocent curiosity,
Then, I realized,
What a sick twisted mind you had.
Remembering what you've done to me,
Giving my all to resist.

I could have hide me tears,
With laughs,
That will make you rejoice.
But I was weakened by pain.

Shame rising over my head,
Embarrassment from the pit in my stomach,
I think,
How could this happen to me?
What don't wish upon anyone.

I was harassed,
******** down of my dignity,
A never-ending depression,
Comes up my throat.

I've tried not to cry,
I couldn't stop.
It has been close to a year now.
Yet I haven't recovered.
My heart was screaming out in pain,
From being ripped apart by shame.
undefinedaddict undefinedaddict
18-21, F
Nov 30, 2012