Blessing Of The Rain Water

My head feels like it has struck a dead end
The weight of the world tugs at my throat
All that I am, and what I believe, needs me to fend
But the fire wears me down, draining and draining
Until the rage and anger incite, taunt and lie
Despite this, the trickles of water come down, purifying and raining
The cool dew and moisture empower my new found warmth.

Every step, every breath, every smell and sight of beauty!
It is a strength, a blessing, may you never take it for granted.
Let it invigorate, absolve, cool your angst and set you free!

I have rediscovered passion and will power
I realise how lucky I am, how blessed
I am by the One, to be able to stand and blossom like a flower,
When part of me wants to run and hide
From the burdens that reign upon my soul.
Each day and challenge, I will take in my stride
As the coolness provides warmth and strength for my stubborn soul.
MoonGuardian MoonGuardian
22-25, M
Nov 30, 2012