No Fool, No Pain

I will preface this poem with a disclaimer...I often write poems when I am depressed and this is one of those poems. Please understand that this is how I felt when I wrote this but not usually now. Anyway here it is ....

There is a place I often die.
Strange? Strange? You hear no cry.

You need not worry, have no fear.
Do not waste your thoughts on me.

On you, I've placed no task.
Your love or concern, I do not ask.

Grown that foolish?

Understand this...

I see no day, I see no dark.
I see no glimmer, I see no spark.

I feel no sorrow, I feel no pain.
Smooth as rock washed with rain.

There is no now, there is no morrow.
Time has long drown in sorrow.

For I have abdicated my place in life...
Slowly...I await...the falling knife.

Final release not long...not long.
No fool, no pain.
cosmiccowboy cosmiccowboy
61-65, M
Nov 30, 2012