Poems Of A Friend 6/30/03

These 2 poems were written by a friend of mine who passed from HIV...he was a good man. Here they are for you.

To Resist
To resist causes pain
and pain is a great motivator.

To resist change causes pain
that is greater than familiar pain.

Looking for something different
but there is no difference!

Doing the same,
looking for a different outcome...insanity

Not willing to change.

Alive with HIV
To carry this burden is like death row.

But is it not true.
You can learn to live.
For life itself gives a great meaning.

So what are you telling yourself?
For you death is only a symptom;
a lack of understanding.

For you hold the key,
and the key is life itself.
For you will not pass until it is time.
cosmiccowboy cosmiccowboy
61-65, M
Nov 30, 2012