Be Free

Are you afraid of the shadows that darken the path that you tread?
The fears and the doubts that beset you when wondering what lies ahead?
Remember they're nothing but shadows and shadows are cast by the light,
So cling to the hope that is in you,then all will be well and come right.

When thoughts of despair and self-pity like shadowy ghosts haunt the mind,
You live in perpetual twilight,no glimmer of pleasure you find.
Walk straight through the cobwebs of worry,just brush them aside and you'll see,the things that you feared were but phantoms,escape from yourself and be free.
garvan garvan
51-55, M
2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Seriously, if you have a book of your poems put together, I would like information as to how to purchase one :)

Alas I have not done this,poetry is simply a hobby when the mood takes me there..I do have quite a few scrap books with my poems written in however they have lots of errors and crossings out.I do not think I have the talent to have my thoughts published.
I have been working on writing experiences from my professional life,funny tales from a retired ..........Everything is random at the moment with no continuity,one day it will be complete.
You are far too generous with your words,there are many writers on EP who are far superior to any of my works,I am tickled pink by your suggestion,thank you for making me smile.. :-)

Hehe. Made ya blush. Anyway, the reason I was saying that is because there are people who can get out in words what other people are feeling but they cannot express. I see you as being that kind of writer, though there are people that are great at all the technical rules and can have good content.

beautifully penned so true.

Thank you.