The water shimmers with reflections of the Dolphins in the shining Sea. I swim up to them, all playful like and point up at the Sun. They make happy sounds and smile. Then I swim up to a rock,and pull myself out of the water, and I see the Sun's rays making my scales shine. I gracefully brush the water with my fingertips,and wonder if there's anything like me out there. But then my focus is on the beautiful Sunset. As the Sun claws the Sea,and Night begins to come,all the animals go to sleep. All the Dolphins disappear, all the Sharks go their way, all the Starfish sleep silently on their cozy rocks, all the Squid rest peacefully in their homes, all the little fish sleep happily in the Sponge beds, and all the Whales creep steadily to their Sea beds. As for me,I rest gracefully on that sturdy rock. Then I know it's time to go,so I push in the Sea. And I find myself a cozy cave,and get settled in. I then notice that along with the animals of the Sea,the Sea itself,in all her beauty,is resting with peace and asleep. As I close my eyes,I say softly and sweetly,''Goodnight dear Sea,lovely you are,and a heart beautiful and kind,''
Goldpaw Goldpaw
Dec 1, 2012