Shadows Of Recollection

Who am to judge your mindless quests,
quests, which you aimlessly search for virtues that do not exist within this realm
i am what you asked me to be, born from the tears of agony
the shadow of everything you aren't
continue please, to search for what does not exist,
your confusion feeds my malicious mind
the darkness that resides in your soul is mine for the taking, i'll engulf it all
silly child, hiding from your own truth.
but do not fret, i in my sick little way will protect your pitiful state
to the best of my recollection, i am an entity of everything you conceal
i walk behind you consuming, embracing the darkness within yourself.
come little child, i'll take you away, into a world of deceptions
come little child, i'll take you away, into the truth of recollections
love me.
How can you?
Can you remember what you cast away?
Spineless, emotionless, fool,
i will be waiting
when you recognize the shadows of your past,
come knock upon my door,
i will return to you the Ecstasy of pain

Izumihopes Izumihopes
Dec 2, 2012