My Feelings Right Now


when the world falls out from under your body and everything you believed to be true is a lie,
when you thought your feet were safely planted on the ground but you look down and see the sky.
when you think that you are safe and cared for but your really in danger of being betrayed.
when you thought the one person in your life you could trust would be there but they are the ones who quickly fade
when a horrible thing happens to you and you wish it were just a nightmare but you wake up and the day is still gray
when after all this you wish the time would speed by without feeling or care but you still have to live it day by day
when you wish you could stop living to stop the pain but realize you still have things or people to live for
when everything has gone so wrong you cant handle the load but the burden becomes more and more
when you feel so broken and alone even with people around and yet a single friend you cant afford
when all these emotions and burdens have gone through you body and soul even then you should depend on the Lord
heavenslilangl14 heavenslilangl14
26-30, F
Dec 2, 2012