Teady Bear Oath

I, Your Teddy Bear,
Do solemnly swear
That I will always be at your side
As long as you don't leave me behind
My shoulder will be there to soak your tears
You can squeeze me to comfort all your fears
When no one else is there at night
You can hold me close and tight
I'll be with you while you wait by the phone
So if he doesn't call you won't be alone
If you rip me I won't care
As long as it's a quick repair
And when you find a man to take my place
You can give me away so I won't take space
Whether I end up within a thrift store
Or next to a child that's just been born
I'll never forget my time with you
I just hope you remember me too
Rodel30 Rodel30
18-21, M
Dec 3, 2012