From The Bedroom To The Bus Stop. ((

your smiles turned to chases

your hugs to embraces

your kisses from warm to hot

that will never by me be forgot

on my arm you majestically lent

im completely took in by your scent

I paraded you around like a queen

took you to sights you'd never seen

behind that sweet smile you knew

not everything you told me was true

but while its me that your kissing

its another you are missing

then i must not make a fuss

you're in a hurry to catch the next bus

wave your hand blow me some lies

whats coming next wont be a surprise

first your impossible to get on the phone

then ill never quite catch you at home

ill arrive when you've just gone out the door

ill soon get the feeling you dont wanna see me no more..

ill plead for some kind of token

its been a while since we have last spoken

all i get from you is a total swerve

to ignore me you sure have a nerve

now im stuck in some kind of void

its really made me quite annoyed

there's only a cold empty feeling

you leave me standing senses reeling

but you on the otherhand are OK

about me to your new guy plenty to say

my ears will burn and glow red

with the lies about me to others thats said

ill be the one who gets all the blame

ill be the one not you who'll hold their head in shame

while you vanish out of view

majestically on the arm of somebody new

while your life to you suddenly matters

you'll leave mine in absolute tatters

shaking my head in realisation and disgust

it wasn't love i had with you only......lust?

you invaded my personal space

crystal eyes that shone in my face

turned my heart from flesh to stone

then casually left me all..........alone
alwaysfightingmyemotions alwaysfightingmyemotions
41-45, M
Dec 3, 2012