I Wrote This One A While Ago

As I sit here and think
My mind wanders to a dark time
That seeme to have happened so long ago
A time when depression washed over the ones I loved the most
Too young, too young to think
Of letting the blood flow from their wrists
Too young to leave this world by their own doing
They distanced themselves from me
I did all I could to make them happy
But that only made it worse
I told them, "I'll always be by your side"
But the sadness never left their eyes...
Four years this went on
Wishing I could take away all the pain
Eventually, this wish came true
For shortly after the evil thoughts left them
They found me
AngelxOfxInsanity AngelxOfxInsanity
18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

I like it. Very relatable.

Thank you Vann :)

I understand this... every time I make someone's pain go away, it goes to me.