I'm Falling In Love With My Best Friend

"Best friends forever?
Fighting won't ever happen. Never!"
Grade school may seem long ago
You may have forgotten all of this, for this is all that I know.
Yes we both talk to each other once and a while..
If it's not talking while running every mile..
It's the hello's and goodbyes down the hall
The title above says it all.
I kept it a secret for five long years
One thing I don't want to happen is our friendship to end; it's one of my biggest fears!
So to fix the problem, I will keep it under my sleeve.
Just for two more years until we graduate and leave.
If I could, I could confess to you while taking a walk downtown
After all, I don't want to keep this deep down!
I just wish you can see how much you mean to me..
But those hello's and goodbye's down the hallways isn't enough for you to be..
My first love.
You recall that one basketball game where you found me in the sidelines with tears falling from my eyes?
It was days after I was raped.
You were the first to notice something completely different about me; the clothes I wore, my attitude towards others, my communication, and the way I would write.
Want to know something you saved?
You saved me from having a huge fight..
A huge fight between suicide and staying alive longer.
You really wanted to know why I cried, so you held my hand and showed compassion to me by gripping my hand a bit stronger.
You gave me a hug immediately.
Looking back at this tonight I wonder if you would feel the same way for me; it's hard knowing whether or not you would accept that I already lost my virginity.

*His name is Sam. Mine is Natalie. We've been best friends for the longest time and I keep getting pressured by my friend to tell Sam the whole truth. To be honest, it's hard for me since this secret and I have a bondage when it comes to this..

brokenrunner24 brokenrunner24
18-21, F
Dec 3, 2012